Chameleon Flash Standard edition

Chameleon Flash Standard edition 1.20

It uses the files of your Flash projects to create executables or screensavers
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This program uses your Flash projects to create executables and screensavers. Chameleon Flash is a simple yet powerful tool capable of creating an EXE file or a screensaver starting from either a single SWF file or an entire Flash project. It can make use of all the elements you would normally include in any Flash project and generate a single self-executable file.

The program will help you create your EXE file or screensaver through a clear and well-designed wizard. It basically asks you for the type of output file you wish to generate, the source SWF file or Flash project directory, and the output filename and publisher. From then on, the questions will vary depending on the type of the file you are going to create (an executable file or a screensaver). For the executable file, you will be prompted to specify the type of a window to be used, the minimum Flash Player version required, and - optionally - a customized icon file. As for the screensaver, you will be asked to determine whether the "Settings" menu should be enabled or not, and your preferred termination method, among other options.

Once you complete the wizard, your project will be ready to be compiled, though you can always review and edit your project's settings using the "Project Editor". This will also allow you to set parameters that are not considered initially in the wizard. For example, you can specify here the window's size and the visible elements of the executable file. As for the screensaver, the program can generate an installer for it, though it will need you to have "Inno Setup" previously installed in your system. In addition, you will be provided with shortcuts to compile, run or preview the project. You can also save your project to disk in the program's proprietary format (with a CHF extension) and reuse it later.

Taking into account all the assets and features this program offers, it is for sure one of the best of its kind. Besides, its sale price of $59.95 is fairly reasonable.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Simple yet powerful tool
  • Includes a clear and well-designed wizard for you to create your new projects
  • It can create an installer for your screensaver file using "Inno Setup"
  • Reasonable price


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